Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Filipina. Anger that divides us. All these news.

I AM compelled to write this as response to some people who need a bit of education or info about other cultural truths/facts beyond their own. Years ago, the Oxford Dictionary insensitively defined Filipina as domestic helper. Of course, we vehemently protested. That shows that even supposedly "respected" institutions with the name "Oxford" can be grossly ignorant and misinformed. Though I admit that many Pinays seek employment abroad as domestic helpers or maids. But most, if not all, of these women had college education or degrees back home.

          Meantime, most of the Filipina nurses that I know (I covered this a lot as editor of Filipino newspapers in both coasts--New York City and Los Angeles/Frisco), including my relatives, take nursing (later, a higher Medicine degree) after graduating in a 4-year college education in the Philippines because of the fact that Nursing and other Medical profession pay better than a glamorous career like in Arts, for example (unless you are famous). In fact, even popular showbiz celebs back home when they get here, forget their fame, and take in employment in medical field (or other jobs that pay more) for practical reasons. The common denominator is, these women sacrifice their individual dreams or careers so that they'd be able to help the entire family and community. Like, send other siblings and kids of kin to college, build them houses, capital for business, send them help on a monthly basis. "Sacrificing" means having to work as maids, for example. Family and community reign supreme in their being. That love supercedes their ego or pride as the I-me-mine. You may ask, what about the men? That'd be another subject.

PINAY! A Filipina woman led a revolution against colonizers in mid-1700s with essentially a homemade machete ("bolo"). The Filipino people have already installed in presidential power two women--a religious housewife who majored in French and a 5-foot fairy with an Ivy League degree in Economics. The Philippines is known, among others, for two powerful women. One led with a shining rosary, the other ruled with sequined shoes--on either side of the human spectrum. The first could smother you with love, the other could beat you up with high-heels! They are called Kumander or Boss Bosschief back home. You don't mess with them.

SOME people it seems derive satisfaction from widening cracks among/between us—by fuelling anger between camps. On the contrary, I never had any problems mixing with all kinds of cultures and peoples in my life. I enjoy it. I just respect them for what they are and enjoy what we mutually like and not touch subjects that may trigger sensitive areas. Problem is some people actually trigger sensitive areas instead of just enjoying what we could share on the positive end. That's what my objective with Traveling Bonfires/Bonfires for Peace. Just gather and dance and enjoy.

          If we can pursue that in any place that we'd find ourselves, then there is Hope for Peace. I survived a world where mere speaking openly, although within the context of Law and regard for law enforcement, was silenced by a hail of bullets. Even when I was an active protestor as a young man in the Philippines and in the US, I never condoned the show of anger and anarchy in protest movements. I helped plan out moves and rallies, even emceed a number, but I never sided with provocation. I suspended activists who vandalized cars and buildings and maligned innocent bystanders and cussed at police. In my concerts that I organized, I kicked out volunteers who professed a partisan line and advised performers to stick to music and no F words in my show. We can assure change if we appeal to the public at large, the uninitiated and uninformed, and not with the choir. And the people out there who value goodness than evil gravitate to a smile and a hug, not a booming voice of hate, screaming of vengeance and retaliation.
         All lives matter. All colors deserve to lay down on the grass as the sky watches over. Evil doesn't come in black or white, yellow or red, brown or grey. Evil doesn't have any color as in goodness doesn't reveal a shade or hue. But all these, we feel them. And feelings thrive in only one beat: Peace. And there will be no peace if we disobey and disregard and disrespect.

ALL these news. They confuse more than they inform. I notice that media have been more prone to slide to social media banter than journalism objectivity. Sadly. They tend to judge and advocate than report and educate via facts. And where is the justice system or the synergy between community/people's vigilance and governmental/legal response? Everything is social media fodder. One has to gain PR perfume or deodorizer to elicit "favorable" response. If a personality doesn't look like the president of Canada and unaware of mass communication that wins 1,000 "love" and "likes," then that person is dissed.  

          Tomorrow, I will read another "salvaging" accusation hurled at cops and cops will response on the line of "tangina!" (“Fuck it!”) And then expect 1,000 memes from that, shared 2,000x in 1 minute machinegun interval. Do the math. We are doomed. That is why people simply cave in with their laptops and play Pokemon Go or selfie their chicken pork adobo dinner or escape to Winterfell, fantasizing that Jon Snow could be their next president and Gandhi incarnate is their next chief of police. Peace is a Netflix TV series.